Keep it Catty!

The infamous "Cat Look" is as hot as a smoky eye but takes fewer steps and way less makeup!! That means no meltdowns ladies!!!  This is also a great way to add a little sexy to your make-up.

To get this look, first curl your lashes then apply a light layer of eye-shadow primer or oil-free foundation from your lids to your brows. The purpose of this is to grip onto the makeup so that the color will not migrate.

Next gently pull your lid upward so you can see its inner rim. Line the rim with a few coats of jet-black waterproof pencil.

Then line the inner rim of your lower lash line and the skin directly above your upper lash line.  

 Layering liquid liner over pencil is the key to a stay-put look. The liquid dries and locks down the black liner.

With a black liquid-liner pen, make four evenly spaced dashes over the pencil line, then connect them.

Now it's time to create the winged-out edge. Close your eye, and trace the tip of the liquid-liner pen with the line you just made in the step above. Drag the liquid-liner pen to the outer corner of your eye, thickening the line as you go. Finish with two coats of black mascara.

Enjoy this sexy look!