2014 Coachella Fashion Fail

The first weekend of Coachella looked amazing from the line up of artists that performed. I can't quite say the same for this year's festival fashion trends.With festivals becoming more and more popular and mainstream, party goers are dressing more and more like "hippies". I understand that fashion is forever evolving and eventually just repeats from decades past. But there's something unauthentic about some of the styles from this year's Coachella festival. It seemed as if people are turning festival fashion into more of a costume rather than expressing your sense of style. Yes fringe, cowboy boots, lace, oversized fedoras etc. come to mind when you think of the 70's. But true style is be able to use current trends and put unique things together with your own twist. It seems that everyone looked the same this year.

What are your thoughts on festival fashion?

Kendall & Kylie Jenner put a nice goth twist to these festival looks. They definitely stood out amongst the crowd. Cudos for that!