Current Bikini Trends

SUMMER is finally here so you know what that means...NEW SWIMWEAR!! The time has come o hit the mall and find that perfect swimsuit so you can hit the beach in style. But if your like me, shopping for a new swim suit can be a bit of a challenge and stressful. So keep these trends in mind when shopping for the perfect new swimsuit. Try something new, you might be surprised by what you may find!

High-Waisted Bikini

Go retro with a high-waisted bikini. The high waist feature creates a silhouette that flatters any figure. This classic style will make you feel old Hollywood fabulous!

Strapless Bikini

The bandeau style is perfect when trying to avoid awkward and messy tan lines. Whether you chose a plain bandeau style or one with ruching and twisting, you will feel like a true beach babe.

Print Bikini

Tired of wearing the same color or mix matching your tops and bottoms just to add some pizazz to your swim suit? Well I'm here to save you! Try a printed bikini with a lot of color. Even if your into the classic bikini style, prints can turn a drag bikini into a fab bikini.


Back in the day wearing a one piece was frowned upon or considered not to be so sexy. But its 2014, and the one piece is making a come back and becoming a swim suit MUSTHAVE! Celebrities like Khloe Kardashian, are even trying out this new trend.