Labels or Love?

Why do we let our clothes define our identity? We rely on brands, and follow trends to make us sociologically acceptable. Everyone falls victim of this to a certain extent. Of course we like to believe that we shop based on style, fit, and durability. But let's be honest, most of us could care less about how long our clothes will last. So, it raises the question, do you shop for the label or for the love? In my opinion a true fashionista can wear a vintage polka dot top that's worth nothing, with a classic A-line Badgley Mischka skirt effortlessly. While someone may have on a Gucci shirt, Luis Vuitton belt, Chanel bag, Juicy Couture jeans and look like a fool. We also sometimes make emotional connections with brands, causing you to actually "love the label". For example, I will always and forever use Dove deodorant and wear Levis jeans. I'm sure there are other deodorants that smell just as good, and may even be cheaper but I wont bother to try them. I have found a label that I love. For women, finding jeans with a perfect fit can take years. Levis does it for me. Though I do still buy other brands of jeans, Levis is always #1 on my list. The point is, style is not determined by the labels you wear. But rather how, you wear them, and how they make you feel. So the next time you're shopping think to yourself, are you selecting based on labels or love?

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