Umit Benan

Turkish designer, Umit Benan recently made two statements during his Fall/Winter show at Paris Mens Fashion Week. Number one was basing his collection off the story of Jackie Robinson, the first African-American ever to set foot in the MLB.  Number two was probably for the first time ever during any show in Milan, Paris, New York, or London, every single model that walked down the runway was BLACK, not just mixed, but yes black. Most weren't even models, as designer Umit Benan generally goes for "Real Men", sometimes from off the street, as opposed to agency represented models, which probably makes him more down to earth and more interesting (to me at least). I personally think this is huge, being that there's no secret that the fashion industry isn't widely diverse. It's already slim pickings for black female models, and even slimmer for black male models.  The collection featured very upscale sports wear, varsity like jackets and sports coats, neutral colored pants, and vibrant ties (Great Collection).
Author: Kareem

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 Designer Umit Benan waving a sign that says "NO TO RACISM", "FOR THE LOVE OF THE GAME"