Makeup Organization

Thanks to Youtube and blogs more and more people are becoming beauty product junkies. Myself included. The problem with that is it's very easy to start hoarding products and getting overwhelmed. If you're like me and hate clutter start the year off getting organized. No you don't have to spend a ton of money on fancy or name brand items. You can easily find organizers, at an office supply store, target or even at the thrift store (which is my favorite place on earth) Store makeup brushes in a cute mug, toothbrush holder or jar, you can fill the container with marbles, coffee beans, rice etc. to keep the brushes in place, plus it just looks cute! If you have a ton of lipsticks, eye shadows and foundations like me you can depot them and make palettes. This cut my junk almost in half! Plus I just think it looks better. there are a bunch of videos on Youtube that break down the steps of depotting for each.