On The Look Out: Alexander Wang

Alexander Wang is probably the most talented young designer in Fashion right now. Wang who heads his own self titled clothing line is also the head designer of legendary fashion house Balenciaga. He's even been crowned the next Marc Jacobs, which is legit (In my opinion). Wang has been making fashion headlines lately, with his decision to move his Fall/Winter 2014 New York Fashion Week show to the Brooklyn Navy Yard this season, a first ever during New York Fashion Week. Many buyers, writers, and other media outlets are not to excited about his move from Pier 94 in Manhattan (where he usually shows) to the Brooklyn Navy Yard, but with Wang being the most anticipated designer to see during Fashion Week this season, they don't have a choice. Take a look at Wang's women's Spring 2014 and his men's Fall 2014 below.


                            Alexander Wang
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Kanye West at Alexander Wang Spring 2014

Alexander Wang Mens Fall 2014

Alexander Wang Womens Spring 2014

Wang will be showing his highly anticipated Fall/Winter Collection at the Brooklyn Navy Yard February 8th