Take It Back Tuesday

The 90's was a really fun time in pop culture. Some of the biggest names in the music, fashion, & entertainment world emerged during this time. Wu-Tang Clan, Tommy Hilfiger, Martin, Lenny Kravitz, just to name a few. 
Here's a quick look back at the 90's.

In 1995 the movie Clueless was a hit. Showcasing diversity in fashion. Clueless can easily be seen as the Sex & The City of it's time!

That infamous Calvin Klein dress, still being replicated by designer all over. American Apparel is infamous for their   version's of the dress.

The Preppy Look
The preppy look is timeless and is still worn by men and women everywhere.

The Grunge Look
Oversized flannel's and ripped up boyfriend jeans is a look that's still going strong!