Ladies Is Pimps Too

"Ladies are pimps. By the term pimp, I don’t necessarily mean someone who exploits another individual for personal gain. Pimping is having all the tools needed to succeed in life. You gotta be a pimp to make it. Taking no bullshit by any means necessary. Pimps want their money on time. They want their hos in line. They want the newest and flyest shit. Pimps demand respect. Pimps exude confidence even in the most outrageous attire. I’m totally not glamorizing the life of a pimp and I’m kidding about the 'hos in line.' Nevertheless, those attributes are powerful because it shows a person’s true diligence. In any situation you always want to be the pimp, never the latter. People get pimped everyday. Everyone has been a ho or possessed ho-like qualities at least a couple of times in life. Sadly, 9 out of 10 times, the ladies are not the pimps. Ladies you need to realize that you are a pimp too and it’s okay to brush your shoulders. You have to, you got to, you need to get that dirt off your shoulder. When the next person ask me what do I aspire to become, I’m going to reply, 'a p.i.m.p.' "- Erica Freeman

“Public.Intellectual.w/ Moral.Principles=PIMP”- Micheal Eric Dyson