Weird or Stylish?

Is there really a difference between dressing weird or having style?  Who gets to determine if it’s stylish? And who determines if its weird?  I can answer the first question, the people that usually classify certain fashions as weird are the ones who wouldn’t do it or even think about doing it. I think it all depends on a person's individual sense of style that determines if it’s weird. For example, Lady Gaga wears some outlandish stuff and it could easily be classified as weird to everyday people since it’s not common for someone to wear in their everyday life.  Though, another person may think it’s stylish and look at is as being different or creative.  We say if you think it looks good then wear it!  People are going to judge whether it’s good or bad.  Be creative, explore your mind.  This picture of Rihanna, was on a blog titled "The worst outfit of the year" to me it shows creativity in a fun way. "Hey I can wear whatever and still look good."  Sometimes tradition's are made to be broken, some people like to create their own path.