2014 Spring Trends

SPRING IS FINALLY HERE so we all know what that means. The second all of this snow melts away there will be a lot of legs, arms, and midriffs showing. Fortunately, it's still a little chilly, so we have time to prepare our closets for the hot weather . Below are some key items that's a MUST to purchase when shopping for the Spring season.  
High Waist
Let's be honest, the "high-waist" trend isn't going ANYWHERE! High waist items always accentuates our legs by making them look longer and the dreaded "muffin top" all of a sudden vanishes.
 The waistband should always be visible right, or else what’s the point? Shirts should be tucked in or cropped high whenever wearing anything high waist. This look can go from day to night with the change of your accessories and/or make-up.


A rainbow of soft Springtime shades are taking over this season. One of the best things about Pastels is that you can pick your most flattering color and wear it with whatever you want. From a mint-green to sexy lilac, the sky is the limit when it comes to how "Pastel Happy" you want to be. You can never go wrong or have enough Pastel in your life.

Crop Tops

From long-sleeved to bandeau, crop tops are back in style. This is totally the right look to have when enjoying a nice summer day or a night on the town. To avoid looking to '90ish, try wearing this top with something high waist. Either a skirt, shorts, or pants. You can never go wrong when wearing a crop top. They're comfy and sexy at the same time, which is rare.

Wide Leg Pants

My personal favorite...Wide-Legged Pants. This style can make anybody look long and lean. Whenever wearing these pants keep in mind your height and that the bottom of the pants may drag. You may want to wear a little heel to add a couple of inches to you, I however, like the drag look. Whether on the beach or downtown this is a great "in charge" look.

Mock Suspender Stockings

Mock Suspender Tights have been on everyone's wish list recently. Not only will they give you a sensuous look but will give you the comfort and ease of tights. This is definitely on of the edgier looks this season. They can be worn with a skirt, long boyfriend shirt, or a pair of cut off shorts. Play around with them and see what look fits you best.