No Makeup Celeb Makeup Routine

Let's be honest the most beautiful celebs known for their "natural' makeup looks are usually beat pretty heavily, Just done properly. Makeup does not always have to be heavy and dramatic. It's supposed to enhance us in all the right places.
Here's 8 easy steps to achieving the no makeup makeup look!

Step 1: Cleanse Skin
The most important factor of  an even, smooth makeup application is clean skin. You want to make sure you get rid of any dry or dead skin before applying any makeup as it will only show more if not. Use your daily cleanser & toner of your choice

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Step 2: Prep & Prime Skin
Moisturize and prime skin to assure smooth foundation application that will last throughout the day.

Step 3: Foundation
Apply your foundation or tinted moisturizer of choice. Tented moisturizers tend to be more sheer and natural looking but you can also build thin layers of foundation for the same affect.

Step 4: Concealer
Cover any skin imperfections with concealer. Whether it be dark circles or an annoying zit. Just be sure to apply thin layers, you don't want to be cakey!
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Step 5: Contour & Highlight
Yes, even with a natural makeup look you still want to do some contouring & highlighting! Just very soft shades. The idea is to make your bone structure more defined but naturally. Apply contour underneath the jawline with an angled contour brush and a highlight with a fan brush in soft sweeping motions underneath the eyes. A little bit goes a long way.

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Step 6: Blush
Pick a soft cheek color, to give your cheeks a natural glow and flushing effect and to warm up your complexion.

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Step 7: Lips
Apply a soft, nude gloss or lipstick. Make sure to pick a shade the best matches your complexion and natural lip color.

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Step 8: Mascara
Add a few light coats of your favorite mascara, to make your eyes pop.

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So there you have it! 8 quick and easy steps to achieving that celebrity glow!

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