A few weeks ago I started doing my friends and family false eye lashes. I myself,  have worn lashes since I was just a freshman in high school. Whenever I leave the house, I always get complimented on how good they look. People always ask me questions like, "Are they real?", "What kind of lashes do you use?" or "Can you please do mine?" At first I was very flattered by all of the compliments I was receiving and that someone actually wanted ME to do their lashes. But after a while I started getting so many requests that it became hard to satisfy everyone. So I decided that the best way to reach everyone is to simply do a step-by-step on applying false eye lashes.


There are hundreds of different styles of lashes in the market today. I for one prefer the full strips. Not only do they look "real" but they are super easy to apply!

 Use the flat end of the tweezers to apply the glue along the band of the lash. You can also use the tweezers to hold the lash in place when applying to the eye.
Allows the false lash to stay on the eye-lid. *Sometimes I often use hair glue to get a better grip

Allows you to see what you are doing while monitoring the position of  the lash on eye-lid.

1. Remove false lash from packet

2. Apply glue to the flat end of the tweezers (doing this prevents the glue from getting on the false lash).

3.Now take the flat end of the tweezers and spread the glue on to the band of the false lash

4. Hold lash with hand or tweezers (your choice)

5. While looking in the mirror, bring lash to eye-lid. Start from the inside of the eye to the outside of the eye.

6. Now press and hold false lash to eye-lid for about 30 seconds to 1 minute

7. Look in the mirror and determine whether or not your satisfied with how the false lash looks and feels on your eye-lid
7. If you are satisfied, than repeat each of these steps for the opposite eye. If not simply remove lash and repeat steps 2-7
*8.  If you want more volume in your lash apply mascara to fake lash. This last step is totally up to you!
*Do not get discouraged if you can not get this on the first try. This requires some practice as well as trial and error, but it is NOT IMPOSSIBLE SO DO NOT GIVE UP! Enjoy your new full lashes!!