Take it Back Tuesday: Fictional Fashionistas

This weeks Take It Back Tuesday post is dedicated to my favorite fictional fashionistas of the past, that will forever inspire me.

Carrie Bradshaw

I think we all can agree that Carrie Bradshaw is the most fashionable fictional character to date. I love her for her appreciation and love for fashion as an art. Her style cannot be defined because you never really know what to expect from Carrie (except that she'll be in heels). I admire her for never being afraid of fashion the way a lot of people are, and always taking risks.
Jenny Humphrey

Here we have Jenny Humphrey of Gossip Girl, which is the next best thing television has to offer a girl since Sex & The City. All of the characters have great unique style. But Jenny was definitely my favorite. It wasn't until season 2 of the show that I started notcicing her. Her style can be defined as sort of rock & roll chic. She didn't really follow trends, instead she wore lots of dark colors, with smokey eyes and burgundy lips. Though she always looked fashionable, and not gothic or too grunge. Sadly, her character is no longer on the show. I am currently channeling my inner Jenny Humphrey this season!

Denise Huxtable

Now let's take it all the way back to the 80's, to the Cosby Show and look at Denise Huxtable. I've seen her on several style blogs over the years and I have to agree that her style was dope. I appreciate Denise for her bright oversized blazers, turbans, printed blouses, and harem pants. All of which are items I am constantly on the search for in my thrifting journey's. She was a true 80's fashionista.