Fab Grad and Prom Styles of 2014

You've been working hard all year and this is what it all leads up to...Graduation and Prom. All that late night studying and staying after class to get a one on one with your teacher is finally paying off. Before our wedding, its our Graduation and Prom and of course you have to look your best! Here are a couple dress styles to keep in mind, when you  go shopping for your big day!!


A pretty princess gown is the perfect dress to remember this once in a life time night. A soft pink or a baby blue color will make you feel like the prettiest girl at the prom. Make up should be very light. The dress speaks for itself, there is no need for a face full of make up.


Your a young lady now and its time to bring out the sexy, but just a little bit. A bustier dress is the perfect mix of sexy but subtle. The fitted top paired with a flowy, full or flirty skirt will create a hourglass figure. This also will help those who need extra assistance up top.


For those who have a more relaxed style, try rocking black and white. Play around with these two colors to see how you can pull of this sleek, edgy, sophisticated look.


Are you nominated for Prom Queen? If so a sequin dress is a must! This is the perfect show stopper dress, guaranteed to make you look like a true movie star. Because it has so much sparkle try sticking to one color and very little make up and jewelry.

 Graduation Styles


The classic floral dress is always a good choice when celebrating any major event. The excessive use of the floral print will almost always make you stand out from the rest of the crowd and looks great on camera. Perfect for a graduation!


Not comfortable showing off your legs? No worries, a long flowy dress is always a great pic when searching for a more modest dress. As this classic dress blows in the wind, you will feel very chic and sophisticated. 


I myself, am obsessed with showing off my legs and a skater dresses is the perfect way to pull of this flirty look. The skater dress is the perfect blend of sexy and modesty. The "flair" of the dress creates  an hour glass shape. Because the dress is so casual, you can have fun with your choice of shoes.


Your graduation is a major milestone in your life. Your adolescence quickly disappears and your adulthood immediately takes over. What better way to start off this new adventure called life than with a leather dress. Wearing leather to your graduation is like wearing sequin to your prom. This show stopper look will surely have you feeling confident, sexy and ready to embark on this new you.