Sleeping Beauty

We've all heard the phrase "I need my beauty rest" before. In all actuality your body does the most work while you're sleeping. Here are a few treatments to do before bed to enhance your beauty!

Whiten teeth

Baking soda and water mixed into a paste is the easiest, most cost effective way to whiten teeth. Just make your paste, and brush before bed. Simple as that.

Lengthen lashes

Try applying castor oil to your lashes every night for a few weeks. Wash you face as you normally would in the morning. You should see results after 4 weeks.

Define Curls
Wake up with perfect curls. If you have natural hair, it's best to wash and apply your leave in conditioner/moisturizer of choice and desired protective style. Bantu knots or flat twists are my personal favorite. When you wake up in the morning, hair will be dry and you'll have defined beautiful curls.

Apply Vaseline or shea butter to the soles of your feet and put on socks before bed. When you wake up you'll have soft and smooth skin. Great tip for the colder months.


Believe it or not a humidifier instills the air with moisture, which helps plump and hydrate skin at night. You'll wake up rejuvenated.


Brighten your skin with products that have Vitamin C and Evening Primrose at night. Vitamin K is also good for brightening especially under eyes.