Why Do Women Wear Weaves & Makeup? And Why Do Guys Hate Them So Much?

There are so many stereotypes for why women wear weaves and makeup. To boost self-confidence, to appear older, to hide imperfections are the most common. But every female doesn’t wear weave because she's bald, or wear makeup because she's insecure. Don’t get me wrong, yes there are some of us who get all wrapped up and lose ourselves, but that’s not everyone.  

It’s simply a form of self expression. And a grown up version of something we've always loved to do since childhood.... playing dress up. As someone that wears weave I can say that it truly is just fun. I don’t like to keep the same hairstyle for long so I get weaves to switch it up. Sometimes I want it long, then short, then curly with highlights, whatever. The point is weaves give me the full freedom to express how I’m feeling at that point in time, or to accentuate an outfit. Why is it not a problem for women to chemically relax, or dye hair to men? Aren't you still  changing your hairs NATURAL texture or color to look nice? The same thing goes for makeup. It does not only enhance your natural beauty, but it is just another outlet to express yourself. No different than painting your nails.
To me makeup is not something used to make people pretty, though it can enhance your natural beauty. But it is a form of artistry that I love and admire, no other than a painter or writer. I study and practice different products, styles, and techniques and it's something that just interests me across the board.  Why do guys workout? Not all guys that frequent the gym are juiced up, muscle heads. Not all girls that wear makeup are completely plastered in foundation, lashes, blush, and lipstick. Though, there are those out there who are. There are certain things that we do to make us happy, and some of us take it overboard. I think the concept is pretty much the same with men.

Somedays I don’t wear makeup at all. Do I feel less pretty on those days? Not necessarily. But there are times when makeup is a necessity. And I'm sure most men wouldn't argue with this.

  • Your Wedding Day- I don't think there is a man in the world that would complain about his bride's makeup. Makeup is needed for the bride to truly look flawless. No man wants to see acne scars, or bags under the eyes in his wedding pictures for the next 50 years.
  • When Going To Social Events- Lets be honest. The girl with the natural hair, and naked face has NEVER in this lifetime been bagged in the club before the girl with the 20 inch weave, and red lips. NEVER.
I'll stop there. It's sort of a contradiction. How can men complain about weaves and makeup but love the women that wear both? 

So what exactly is it that guys hate so much about weaves and makeup? I don't think I'll ever understand. The fact is, I don't care either. All I know is that I understand the importance or significance of them, and I will continue to wear both!

I leave you with the full video of Why Dont You Love Me. True Artistry.