The Naked Truth

Truth is there's a thin line between art and pornography when it comes to nudity in the fashion industry.

Purple Fashion Magazine often prints nudes and they are considered to be high fashion or "artsy" photographs. While urban magazine's like King, may only print partial or implied nudes and are looked at as sleezy, soft porn publications. Ironically the high fashion nudes are often more sexually explicit than the urban.

American Apparel is infamous for their explicit ads selling the "sex" as well as the clothes.
But where is the line drawn? Is it the color of the model's skin? It seems this way at first, though if you dig deep you will also find African American models in the buff. Supermodel Naomi Campbell is no stranger to baring it all. She has been in numerous high fashion nude ads in her career. Provocative? Yes. Pornographic? Not in the slightest bit.

After further research on the topic, it seems that the deciding factor is WEIGHT! The average 5'11, 110 lb. A cup model in the nude is not sleezy. A curvaceous, 5'6 140 lb. C cup model is automatically sleezy. We have yet to see an urban high fashion magzine that succesfully merges the two.
Though we love artistic nudity, and the obscene grunge ways fashion can be portrayed, we don't agree to the terms and conditions that define such work.